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inspiring the light within grief

Grief Recovery With Lighting the Way

At Lighting the Way, it is our hope to inspire others to recover from loss so they can live their fullest life. 

We understand that there are many different types of grief that affect our every day lives. While death is a large grief we encounter, there are several other types of grief you or a loved one may be feeling that we can work through and get you back to feeling the light within yourself.

By acting as a teacher, an unbiased listening ear, and using a proven method created by the Grief Recovery Institute, we can help inspire the light within grief.

Our Services

Life Coaching

Are you carrying around unfinished business that is preventing you from reaching your goals? Would you like to discover your gifts and your life’s purpose? Is the legacy you leave important to you? At Lighting the Way, we understand how beneficial guidance and a listening ear can be, which is why we offer life coaching. We will walk alongside you and use processes and intuition to help you discover what has been inside you all along.

Grief Recovery

At Lighting the Way, we know that everyone is affected by grief. There are so many aspects of our world and our lives that can cause us to experience grief, which is why we are passionate about bringing awareness to the topic and the steps that can be taken to recover. If you or a loved one is carrying the weight of grief, know this burden doesn’t need to be conquered alone. We can guide you through the Grief Recovery Method and help you find that light in your life again.

About Lana Paul

Lana Paul has always had a passion for helping others.

In her previous position, as a Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, she noticed an important trend among many of her clients. Whether they came to her to work on their physical health or nutritional challenges, their conversations often turned to areas of loss.

This eventually led to the establishment of Lighting the Way in 2018, as Lana wanted to focus on providing relief for individuals processing grief.

As an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist at Lighting the Way, she walks with her clients during a comprehensive process to complete the unfinished business of grief and loss.

40 Types of Grief

John James was quoted as saying “grief is the most off-limits topic for conversation in the English-speaking Western world.” The majority of the people hear grief and think bereavement, maybe divorce. There are over forty different types of loss that create grief in our lives. By learning more about these types of grief and being open to honest conversations, we can all begin to heal and find the light in life.



The loss of a relationship, especially one after marriage, is life changing.

Child Grief​

Child Grief

Not being allowed to have feelings and express them is very isolating and painful.

Loss Of Life

Loss of Life

Death of someone in your life can feel devastating. Honor your feelings and your relationship.



The change from pregnancy to motherhood can be a big transition for women.

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Find the Light Within Grief

If you are ready to find light in your life again, Lighting the Way can help you. Together, we can shift through your unfinished business, address your grief and develop skills to recover from the weight you have been carrying with you.

Learn More About Grief

Grief is often a topic that is left untouched. We can shy away from these conversations because we feel shame or believe we are alone in our journey of processing our grief. This is why we, at Lighting the Way, are committed to providing education that fosters a safe environment for open and honest discussions and recovery.

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