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Types of Grief

Many people see grief as the feeling after losing a loved one. However, there are many different types of grief that affect our every day lives. While death is a large grief we encounter, there are several other types of grief you or a loved one may be feeling that we can work through and get you back to feeling the light within yourself.

What Makes Me Different

I know what it feels like to want to be seen and heard. I learned it was transformational to have another person witness my experiences. After doing my healing work, I realize who also needed to see and hear me was ME. I offer a safe place to honor your experiences, whatever they may be. There is no greater joy for me than to see the life force coming back into your face and presence.

The Light Within Grief

It is my hope to inspire others to recover from loss so they can live their fullest life. I am a fellow griever showing support as a teacher and as an unbiased listener. It is my hope to shine a light with encouragement and hope. 





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There Are Over 40 Types of Grief


The loss of a relationship, especially one after marriage, can be life changing.

Child Grief

Children deal with grief very differently from adults. Help your child cope and find their way.

Loss of Life

Death of someone in your life is the most common grief we see. Find the light from grief.


The change from pregnancy to motherhood can be a big transition for women.

Grief is such a misunderstood concept. Allowing yourself to fully complete events of the past through this process opens your heart and mind to true happiness. My life has forever changed since walking this path with Lana and I am forever grateful for everything she taught me along the journey.