Life Coaching

What unfinished business are you carrying around that is keeping you from reaching your goals?  Are you trying to identify your gifts and your life’s purpose?  Thinking about what legacy are  you leaving this world?  I walk alongside you and use processes and intuition to help you discover what has been inside you all along.  One technique used is a heavy energy clearing and chakra balancing technique.

Grief Recovery

John James was quoted as saying “grief is the most off-limits topic for conversation in the English-speaking Western world.”  When I tell someone what I do for a living, there is usually a double take because the word grief does not seem to be an everyday word. Even though there is this double take, there is a willingness, an openness to talk. The majority of the people hear grief and think bereavement, maybe divorce. There are over forty different types of loss that create grief in our lives. As the conversation shifts with this new awareness, I often hear, we are all grievers! And in fact, we are.

Grief Recovery Services

What is Grief?

The people I have spoken to throughout 2018 have been so incredibly willing and open. They are open to what the other losses look and feel like. They are open to hearing about the myths that exist about how grievers “should” grieve. They are open to understanding the behaviors we engage in so that they don’t have to feel their emotional loss as strongly.  They are open to hearing how when grief is not completed it gets buried inside and becomes cumulative, and how this buried unfinished business carries over into other areas of their lives. Whether they are feeling tired all the time, have had their relationships affected or are  unable to handle the business matters of their lives, once there is an awareness,  a seed gets planted. That awareness grows and ultimately leads to a person being ready.

Being ready.  What does that look like?  The time table for each person is different.  Some instantly say, “let’s do this”… I want to feel better, I want to be happier, I want to have more love, more joy, more success.  In other cases, though, there are those, that have quite a bit of resistance inside.  Where does the resistance come from? 

Some possibilities…

Becoming Complete with Grief is a Process

There are action steps that are required. Please don’t wait for time to heal your wounds. The actions found in the grief recovery method are doable AND there is an end in sight. It is a process that takes weeks, not months and not years. There is no analysis, no judgment. Each step there is releasing of the heaviness that you have been carrying. You release one stone from the backpack and then another and then another.

What is it you are wanting to bring into your life when you have LET GO of your unfinished business? I wonder how many of you are looking for more connection.

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It is an excellent time to let go so that we can allow ourselves and our gifts to shine. So we can live life today, fully and completely and without regret.  Let’s begin to live our lives as if we might die tomorrow.   We can give ourselves permission to LET GO and LIVE.

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