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About The Grief Recovery Institute ®

The Grief Recovery Institute has been around for over 35 years. A gentleman by the name of John James developed The Method when he suffered a significant loss in his life.  He was looking for something that would help him move through this loss but when he looked around he could not find anything.  He wanted to get on the other side.  He created the Grief Recovery Institute and since that time Grief Recovery Specialists have been certified across the United States and the world.  The Method illustrates how it is possible to recover from grief and regain energy and spontaneity.

Types of Loss


Our hearts are broken when loved ones die. So many wish if I only had one more day, I would say this… or I would say that. So often there is a feeling of wanting to have one more loving embrace.

Living Relationships

We can experience a range of emotional situations with others who are living. Whether we still have associations with them, the unfinished business from that relationship can create emotional loss.


While the physical relationship has ended, the emotional relationship is ongoing. Divorce loss has a way of affecting your future relationships unless the emotional loss has been properly processed.

Childhood Losses

Being Seen and Heard is what so many of us needed in childhood and did not receive. Sometimes there was emotional, physical or sexual abuse and neglect which leaves a child with unmet needs and scars. These situations cannot be erased but the emotional attachment to the memories can be released. Until this happens, these memories that can seemingly be in your subconscious and not in your current thoughts, is influencing and guiding your adult lives.

Helping Children With Loss

An amazing 4 week process that teaches adults to help children process loss. My hope is that the adults will learn how more about grief and loss and will be more capable of teaching our children correction information.

Senior Citizen Losses

Grief and loss has been taboo. Also realizing that unresolved grief does not disappear. It gets stored in our bodies, minds and spirit and grief becomes cumulative. So when our senior citizens reach this stage, they have been carrying a lifetime of varied losses. And then they may experience loss from retirement, from moving, from changes in health, from losing their driving privileges and even from having their children stepping up to help them make decisions.

Pet Loss

We humans are often able to connect much more deeply with our pets than with other humans.

Career Changes

Did you give up your hopes, dreams and expectations because you experienced a career change? It is interesting to realize that this type of loss can exist whether you planned for the change or it was imposed upon you.


There can be conflicting emotions once baby comes. Both baby and Mom deserve a mom who is capable of being present emotionally.

Myths About Grieving

The 7 Week Program

The seven week program is an action based process that allows a person to take a look at old beliefs about dealing with loss and which losses have affected your life.  It allows a person to take actions that will lead you to complete unresolved emotions that may still be causing you pain. Each week includes reading and writing assignments.  The groups are seven weeks and are not suitable for drop-ins. Individual sessions are also available.

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