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Grief Recovery Webinar

I am so excited to be able to help you overcome the grief obstacles that you are facing in life. I’ll be hosting a grief recovery webinar where I’ll go in depth about tools you can use to acknowledge your loss and accompanying grief, and move forward in life. I want you to enjoy life again, smile and laugh. Let’s take this journey together, and find your way to the light at the end of the tunnel.

While waiting for the webinar, I encourage you to learn more about grief and loss and explore what grief means to you. You can also book a one-on-one meeting with me and read through some resources.

Find the Light Within Grief

If you are ready to find light in your life again, Lighting the Way can help you. Together, we can shift through your unfinished business, address your grief and develop skills to recover from the weight you have been carrying with you.

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