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Losing a child is an unimaginable pain that no one should have to go through. Unfortunately, for reasons that we cannot comprehend, sometimes parents have to say goodbye to their children far too soon. My goal with Lighting The Way is to help you heal, and see that there is still so much life left to live, even after a horrible tragedy.

Even though you may have lost a child, you will ALWAYS be a mother. I believe it’s important to keep the precious memory of your little one close, whether it’s in a big or small way. I’m going to walk you through some special ways that you can honor your baby, and the relationship that you had with your child. With Lighting The Way, one of my missions is to help the parents of Colorado Springs who have endured such unspeakable tragedy, begin to heal.

Memorial Ideas

You remember your baby every day, but sometimes it can be healing to focus your emotions towards a memorial project. Whether your child’s birthday is coming up, the anniversary of their passing or you just want to do something special, there are many ways to honor your one-of-a-kind bond.

  1. Plan A Memorial Release
    • Memorial releases can be a wonderful way to rid of some of the pain that you’re enduring. Whether you want to release balloons, butterflies or gather flowers to float downstream, having a physical release can dramatically help you have an emotional release.
  2. Cook A Dinner With All Of Their Favorite Food
    • This is a wonderful way to try and have a bit of fun while remembering the unique bond that you had with your child. If they looked forward to “Spaghetti Saturday’s,” then plan your next spaghetti dinner. Maybe they always asked to go to their favorite restaurant for their birthday. Try and find some recipes online that you and the family can replicate at home. Cooking can be surprisingly healing, and it’s also a great way to remember some of the best times.
  3. Plant A Tree
    • Nature can be an immensely healing tool. Planting a tree that you can watch grow will help you recognize that time still moves, and there’s still plenty of beauty to come in the future. Did your child have a favorite fruit, or maybe a nickname such as “Peaches”? Plant a tree that reminds you of your lil’ one, and that you can enjoy every day. 
  4. Do Their Favorite Activities
    • If possible, set aside time to enjoy some of your child’s favorite pastimes. Maybe they loved horseback riding, had a favorite restaurant, or could always be found building a tower. Book a horseback riding lesson, make reservations at their favorite restaurant and indulge your inner child and spend some time with Legos. Whatever it may be that brought a smile to your child’s face, embrace those activities and be thankful for the joy that it brought your baby.

There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel 

As a mother, you learn to live with your heart outside of your body. As soon as you become pregnant, you experience a love like no other. You’re constantly thinking about your baby and preparing for every scenario, no matter how old they become. 

Now, it’s your turn to rest, and let me think about you and help you plan for every scenario. I hope that with my tools and methods, you can learn to grieve in a healthy way and see past the darkness. If you’re interested in learning more about the grief recovery method I use, or would like to discuss grief counseling, please reach out.

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